Kakuma: A Refugee Story is a video game about refugees. Based on interviews with refugees and the volunteers and activists fighting for their cause.
This game won’t trivialize the experience of refugees, or turn it into something it’s not. That means that, unlike other games inspired by similar subjects, there’s not a fight system, you won’t kill the local fauna or craft meds.
Instead, you’ll have to think in terms of money and contacts, of walls and policies, and eventually where it is safe enough.


Kakuma is being developed by Bruno Rodríguez (me) with the collaboration of activists, academics, artists and developers around the globe. I’d like to especially praise the help of Jorge Dueñas and Alicia Armesto for their help during the early stages of development.

You can get in touch with me in the following channels:

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Is there any release date?

Not yet.

Kakuma is in a pre-production stage.
I know the tone, and the mechanics and the art style are nearly there. I’ve written a few thousand words for testing, but it’s still very early in development.

For what plarforms will it be available?

It’s being developed with PC and smartphones in mind as platforms. This being said, the gameplay will work well on DS, PSvita, and other consoles. The scope of the project will greatly depend on the success of the crowdfunding campaign.

You said you’re working with volunteers and activists. Can you name some?

At this point most of the work I’m putting into the game is researching stories from refugees and interviewing people helping them. At the moment I’ve been interviewing the Spanish team of ‘Refugee Care’ who are helping Syrian migrants in Idomeni and Lesbos. I’m also working with activists and academics from other NGOs and movements, but their organizations are not directly implied in the project.